Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mind Change

I have come in contact with a great number of people who have exhibited a need for serious change in their lives. The problem is people have a hard time accepting the fact that mind change must come first. Mind change first life change follows.

The need for change now is greater than ever, couple that need with the fact that we are evolving as a human race to a much higher level of spiritual enlightenment and you should come to the understanding that now is the perfect time for you to do what you have been promising yourself you would do for soooo long…change your life.

Can you change everything? Absolutely EveryMonth A Million

People try to achieve happiness in reverse, they desire to be happy, and resolve to be once all their problems are solved. We would all be happy once our problems are solved, the problem is this approach actually means we are content to relinquish control and let life run us, and it will.

Mind change comes first, life change follows. In order to begin the process of changing our circumstance we have to change our way of thinking first, that’s the hard part. It’s hard to feel good when gloom and doom is everywhere, but it can be done. I’ve done it, and so have many others.

It actually doesn’t start with the decision to change anything. It starts with your ability to accept some things that may be difficult at first.

In order to make it simple let me say it like this. Newton was wrong; the world does not function as a giant clock, it is not a mechanism or mechanical by any means of the word, and he’s been wrong for over 200 years.

Here’s where you may have difficulty, here are the basic principal beliefs you need to accept in order to begin the mind change process.

Do you believe that you are solely responsible for everything that is part of your current circumstance?

That’s right, the good the bad and the ugly… you asked for it all.

Do you believe that by changing your thinking you can change your entire circumstance? That you can have more of what you want? Anything you want?

You can and you will

It’s important that I lay the ground work for you to be able to begin the mind change process, I want to give you a basic understanding, without going too far into the fascinating world of quantum Physics, in order for you to come to terms with the principle behind the necessity for you to change your thinking, in order to affectively change your circumstance.

We are in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts mankind has ever encountered. We are seeing the end of Newton’s mechanical world view, which is being replaced by a new one that tells us we are nothing more than interconnected consciousness, and that matter is nothing more than a form of energy.

Newton’s Mechanical Clockwork

For more than two hundred years Newton’s ideas dictated our world view. Newton declared that everything operates mechanically and can be predicted like clockwork. Science in Newton’s view, being nothing more than the act of observing, meant that this world view was easily perpetuated by independent observers all over the world.

In the late 19th century, science entered into the era of subatomic physics, which changed everything. Scientists discovered that the so-called ‘subatomic particles’ were not particles at all. They behaved like particles when measured but the traveled like waves. Quantum theory has changed everything, because what was once a mechanical, external Universe has now become a web of intelligence. Science finally admits that the simple act of observing changes the result of any experiment and by extension, that the observer and the observed are not separate.

What follows from this new understanding is a completely different way of dealing with the world we perceive. Our old model of an objective world view has to be replaced with a new model that states everything is subjective, the observer influencing the observed.

The Quantum Paradox – The Wave-Particle Duality

Wave-Particle Duality is perhaps the most notable concept of the quantum world; and by extension, it is also the philosophical basis of modern thought. It is the defining characteristic of elementary physical entities, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, and molecules, which exist on the one hand in states which behave like waves when they are not being observed, and on the other hand behave like particles when observed.

The key is in the observation. In its wave-like state, the physical structure is typically extended in space, but then contracts abruptly to localized events or point- like particles when an observation is being made.

When unobserved, physical quantum systems behave in wave-like states and only represent tendencies or probabilities of actual events. On the other hand, when observation is made, the wave-like state changes abruptly, discontinuously, and unpredictably, in a quantum leap.

At the macro level, the process is seemingly ruled by chance alone, and thus there is the potential for a true choice to be made.

Perception and Reality from a Quantum Viewpoint

All that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel has been created from the data received by our sensory organs. All we ever know of the world around us are the mental constructions we assemble from that data.

However real and external they may seem, these constructions are all phenomena within the mind. This simple fact is very hard to grasp; it goes against all our experience. If there is anything about which we feel certain, it is that the world we experience is real.

We can see, touch and hear it. It seems undeniable that out there, around us, independent and apart from us, exists as a physical world, utterly real, solid and tangible. But the world of our experience is no more Out there than are our dreams. When we dream, we create a reality in which events happen around us, and in which we perceive other people as individuals separate from us. In the dream it all seems very real. But when we awaken we realize that everything in the dream was actually a creation of our own mind.

The same process of reality-generation occurs in waking consciousness. The difference is that Now the reality that is created is based on sensory data, and bears a closer relationship to what is taking place in the real world. Nevertheless, however real it may seem, it is not actually, the real world. It is still an image of that World created in the mind.

Enter the Age of Conscious Science

The current meta-paradigm of the nature of reality assumes that space, time, and matter constitute the basic framework of reality and consciousness somehow arises from this reality. The truth, it now appears, is the very opposite. As far as the reality we experience is concerned-and this, remember, is the only reality we ever know-consciousness is primary. Time, space, and matter are secondary; they are aspects of an image of reality manifesting in the mind. They exist within the consciousness; not the other way around. If we consider the reality we experience, then we have to accept the final analysis, the new physicists are correct.

Consciousness is the essence of everything – everything in the known universe.

It is the medium from which every aspect of our experience manifests. Every form and quality we ever experience in the world is a construction within the consciousness.

The hard part is over. We never have to hear that again. The truth is you cannot be all consumed with the teaching, when all you really need is a basic understanding; the rest is in the technique. Manifesting change in your life is easy once you break down the barriers in your belief system which have resulted in your need to change in the first place.

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