Monday, October 5, 2009

Relationship Building Is the Key to Your Network Marketing Success

Many of us get into the network marketing business because of a dream. The dream is defined a little differently from person to person. But each of us has a dream.

The dream not only draws us in but it is the incentive that helps us through the difficult times. In fact if we get discouraged we are often told that our dream just isn't big enough and we need to spend a night dream building.

My guess is your dream is big enough. The size of your dream is not the problem.

The problem is your dream is...

All about you.

Of course it is. That's how most dreams are. But instead of gritting your teach and holding on to a dream, try taking an about face. Take yourself out of the equation.

Think for a moment about the type of people that attract you. They are usually pleasant - of course. But they are more. They are generous people who are always giving. When you have a problem they are the type of people who help you solve your problems.

Now think of how you normally look for prospects. You think something like...

How can I get my friend to sign up?


What can I say to that person about my opportunity?

I'll bet you can come up with more. But each of these thoughts has the same annoying factor. It is all about you. But the problem is nobody out there cares.

What do you think your prospect is thinking? She is thinking...

What is in this for me?

It is time to do a 180. Instead of asking your prospects to conform to what you want them to do, think of how you can...

Give Your Prospects Everything They Need. That is exactly what we do at
Every Month a Million.

Contrary to what you may have been told, not everyone is your prospect. But there are many thousands of people who could be your prospects if you would completely change the way you approach business.

How do you do this?

By giving people what they need whether they are your prospects or not.

All of us have needs. We have problems. What we want more than anything is solutions to these problems. Therefore to be successful in network marketing become the leader that helps people solve their problems.

People are looking for leaders who will help them navigate this digital age. They want to have practical solutions to their business problems.

They need YOU.

They need someone who understands marketing and has the leadership they can lean on.

Teach people how they can be successful whether or not they are ever part of your business. Give them your expertise... your solutions to their problems. Be a faithful consultant to them and you will have prospects beating down your door to be a part of what you are doing.
Relationship Building Is the Key to Your Network Marketing Success

Every Month a Million is different

"You Don't have to change. You Don't have to get out there and sell. You Don't have to become this other person that you aren't right now.

"The truth is, YOU are perfect just like you are. Everybody on your team is perfect just like they are. They don't need to change. They don't need to become a pushy, aggressive salesperson.

Ninety-two per-cent of the world's population is sales resistant.

That Is NOT How To Build Your Business!

My belief is, just target the market and find people who already are looking for the business, people who already believe in network marketing. Don't go out and try to build them a dream to get them in the business.

Just go talk to the ones who already believe! Talk to the people who already believe, and are looking. Those people are warriors. Those people are ready to take action. Those people will build an empire. They will build a legacy income for you.

Those are the people you want. Build relationships with those people. Get them into your business, and never, never, never quit building the relationship with them!

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