Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Power To Choose

We've each been provided with a number of incredible and irrevocable gifts that are oftentimes overlooked.

One of the most incredible gifts provided to you is your Power to Choose.

As true as that is, it's a gift that many choose to utilize unconsciously or at best, based on a very shallow and superficial understanding of the process of creation, which only serves to produce "undesired" or mediocre results at best.

This is why so many "perceive" themselves as victims or creatures of circumstance rather than "creators of circumstance."

Your individual Power To Choose on the surface, is quite obvious to most.

You utilize this power daily as you make choices about where you work, what you eat, the clothes you wear, when you go to bed, etc.

These common on the surface "external" examples of how we exercise our power to choose individually are the obvious conscious choices that we each make on a day to day basis.

But a fact that most overlook is the fact that that the vast majority of choices made are being made "unconsciously", below your conscious awareness.

Each and every minute of every day either on a conscious or subconscious level we are choosing the inevitable outcomes that follow.

Although we're well aware of the "conscious choices", it's more times than not the "unconscious choices" that lead to producing our "less than desired" results regardless of how badly we may "want" something.

With each of the choices that you make individually, comes the need for accepting responsibility for what you experience in your life, in relation to each of the choices made by you.

If you are unhappy in your work for example, you have the free will, or choice to change your profession. The choices you make concerning the kind of foods that you eat will determine your health to a great extent. What time you choose to go to bed at night determines how you'll feel the next day.

You have been given the power to choose and decide these things for yourself, and each and each and every one of these obvious "conscious choices" are a direct reflection of the outcomes that you experience on a day to day basis.

We agree on that, Correct?

Yet your power to choose and the results that you experience as a result goes well beyond the obvious conscious choices made.

What if someone told you that, contrary to what so many have been taught and led to believe regarding themselves and their potential, that you have the power to choose how you live your life that extend well beyond these obvious day to day "conscious choices?"

What if you were introduced to the idea that you could use your individual power to choose to determine exactly how much money you made, the quality of relationships that you attract, and your quality of health?

What if you found that you have the power to choose without limitation of any form whether it be your career, what kind of car you drive, the kind of home you live in, and how much time you could spend with your family?

Would you believe it?

If you've adopted the mindset of the vast majority, the answer would be no which is precisely why those who enjoy and experience this kind and quality of life are in the minority class.

But make no mistake...

Regardless of how you answered that question, and whether you currently "believe it" or not, it's far more than possible, it's your birthright!

No question it's the road less traveled yet at the same time it's a road that's open and available for all to travel whenever they make the choice to do so.

Those who choose this "less traveled path" simply choose to utilize the irrevocable gift we've each been provided and make a decision to choose their paths consciously and intentionally.

In fact the choices you are and have been making to this point, both conscious and unconscious are precisely what has created the kind and quality of life that you are, have been and will continue experiencing.

Your life and the events, conditions and circumstances in your life are nothing more than a mirrored reflection of the predominant mindset that you choose to hold.

As "true as that is", the choices which are, have and will continue producing your future results go much deeper than the day to day choices relating to the physical activities that you engage in, which most "perceive" as being the ultimate cause of these outcomes.

But your power to choose entails much more than that...MUCH more.

The obvious choices that we each make from day to day are in most cases based on a form of physical and finite power...a very limited form of power that can only produce very limited results in comparison to what you're "truly" capable of achieving.

Choosing to explore and discover just how "true" that is will enable you to discover where your "true power" lies.

To fully grasp and understand how to begin consciously, intentionally and consistently creating "desired outcomes", and consciously utilizing your "true power" consistently, is as simple as choosing to take a deeper look at the underlying and often overlooked cause of every event, condition and circumstance that shows up in your life which extends far beyond the physical and finite.

This deeper look without fail leads to the quality of your consciousness which in turn reflects in the day to day physical choices that we each make as well as the physical and finite outcomes that we experience.

Should you find yourself experiencing "less than desired" outcomes, all that's required to enhance yours whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, is as simple as making the choice to enhance your level of awareness regarding yourself and your "true power" and once chosen begin "consciously choosing" to "apply" what you discover as the minority who experience far above average results do.

Contrary to the majority mindset, life is not a random and chaotic unfolding of events, conditions and circumstances.
For every effect, there exists a cause. Most just choose not to look deeply enough to discover the "true cause."

There are no "lucky people" and there exists no such thing as "unanswered prayer."

You have been provided with the power to choose how you live your life, as well as the ability to consciously and consistently create a quality of life that harmonizes with your individually held desires regardless of what you may have been previously taught and led to believe to this point.

The choices that you are currently and consistently making everyday, which are the result of your previous programming and conditioning, are the same choices that are determining your current results, and are the same choices that you have the power to change, whenever you choose to do so to create an entirely new life for yourself!

All that is required is that you develop the understanding and ability to utilize your power to choose consciously and intentionally with the starting point being to elevate and change your current quality of consciousness!

Just as you have been given the inalienable right, free will, and power to choose what you eat, what clothes you wear etc., you have been given the power to choose and if necessary elevate your beliefs about yourself, your life and the creative power provided to you.

Although not a common choice, it is a choice that without fail will result in enabling and empowering you to begin attracting to yourself the events, conditions, circumstances, people, etc. to fulfill your most heartfelt desires which are, have been and always will be limited only by your individually chosen beliefs that without fail determine the kind and quality of your life.

Let's take a brief look at the not so obvious choices that you make, simply because of previous things that you have been taught, and have been totally unaware that they even are your choices to make.

Let's take a look at unlimited Abundance and Happiness for example. You have the power to choose to create and live any kind of lifestyle that you would like, and have the ability to be as happy or unhappy as you choose to be?

You have the power to choose to live a life that most only dream about, as well as the ability to choose to experience struggle, disharmony and discord from day to day?

The only difference between someone who is experiencing Abundance and Happiness in every area of their life and someone who is not, has nothing to do with what's going on outside of you initially, but rather with what's going on within you.

Yet it's outside where so many look for the changes they seek.

They "unconsciously utilize" their power to choose and engage in physical activity attempting to into lives of abundance. Yet they overlook the most crucial aspect of creating that abundance which begins on the inside.

Utilizing your power to choose "consciously and intentionally" begins by deciding to begin taking an inside out approach to life.

This inside out approach is what I refer to as the short path. I refer to it as that, because I've personally traveled both.

The short path consists of nothing more than choosing to become conscious of the underlying self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that we've all been exposed to at some point in our lives which consistently determine how we "feel" about what's going on around us.

These beliefs are acquired through a number of channels not the least of which are our parents who simply teach us in the best way they know how based on what they were taught to be logical, realistic, right and true.

Many of these "one time students of life" who eventually become loving, caring and well intentioned parents, wanting what's best for their children, are innocently and unknowingly passing on and teaching their children the same self sabotaging, self limiting, untruths based on what they have been previously taught and come to believe to be truth, even though they aren't!

Let's take a closer look at both how and why the self limiting programming passed to us through a number of channels throughout life can and do impact our individual results......

Regardless if you explore the latest in scientific discoveries...namely Quantum Physics or the timeless spiritual wisdom passed down from the most enlightened sages, mystics and masters since antiquity, a common theme rings true.

We exist in a belief-driven universe. The beliefs we have, most of which are unconscious, determine how we "feel" about any given circumstance which without fail we eventually see a mirrored reflection of that choice or choices in the various aspects of our lives.

Depending on the quality of beliefs acquired and held we interpret everything around us through the lens of our own individually acquired belief filters which determines our perceptions regarding life, ourselves and what's available or not available to us individually.

This is where your individual power to choose becomes so crucial. Choosing to become "conscious of" the beliefs that are creating how you "feel" which in the vast majority of cases is limiting your results.

The vast majority of people in the world today never discover the power of emotion and the vital role it plays in creating our physical results.

Once we choose to become keenly aware of our unique filters and beliefs and make a choice to elevate them we can initiate change. In essence we can utilize our power to choose consciously which in turn elevates our quality of consciousness (our beliefs) which in turn changes how we "feel" which automatically elevates the quality of the results that we experience.

It's not a requirement of life, yet it is a choice we all have the ability to make.

Choosing to do so will both enable and empower you to see and experience an abundance of whatever it might be that you are looking for individually and at some point, once you begin to explore and master this gift, realize that whatever it might be was there all along.

Anything and Everything you want is available to you, but you won't see it until you shift the perception and eliminate the belief filters that enable you to see it.
It's due to this all too common lack of understanding and failing to recognize the importance of making conscious choices that has people all over the world spending countless hours in unfullfilling jobs that they despise, stressed out, ingesting billions of dollars worth of often times harmful "pharmaceutical quick fixes", "perceiving" themselves as victims or creatures of circumstance, unable to achieve any sort of harmony in life, and consistently struggling to just pay the bills and put food on the table!

If you consistently find yourself experiencing "less than desired" results, Take Heart.

You have, not only the ability, but the power to choose to utilize your creative power into whatever you desire...whenever you desire regardless of your education, age, where you come from, who your parents were, or whatever other self limiting perceptions you may currently hold, if you will only begin to "consciously utilize" your power to choose in a way that enables you to "become conscious and awake" and begin making a few different choices.

The first choice necessary, is to become aware of, overwrite and eliminate whatever false and self limiting beliefs that you have been programmed to believe and replace them with the "Higher Truth" of who and what you truly are, the gifts provided to you and what you are "truly" capable of achieving and becoming.

The only way to effectively do that is by using your power to choose to step outside of your pre-programmed comfort zone (which in more cases than not is quite uncomfortable) just long enough to become aware that there are other options available to you. Then you can begin utilizing your power to determine if the things that you have been previously taught are actually true, or based on the traditionally held false beliefs acquired through your life teachers.

When you do find that much of what you have been taught and have developed solidified beliefs and perceptions about in relation to your power is based strictly on self limiting common thinking and self limiting human logic, you then have the ability, and the power to choose to elevate the quality of belief held.

Many people today are constantly making choices that are in direct conflict with their true inner calling and desires, based on these "be logical" or "be realistic" teachings acquired throughout life, which results in them living their entire lives feeling unfulfilled, helpless, hopeless, and stuck in their self chosen cycles of lack, limitation and discord simply because they "see themselves" inaccurately, their perceptions distorted by unchallenged and often erroneous beliefs embedded in their subconscious mind and remain totally oblivious to, and unaware of, the fact that there is so much more available to them by simply choosing to seek it out and find it!

The effect of this choice is always...ALWAYS without exception...the underlying cause of any current limiting conditions, events, and circumstances that may be happening in your life right now, which are in direct conflict with what it is that you claim that you want.

By developing an awareness of and implementing the principles that are shared throughout my Daily Dose Of Good and choosing to invest in yourself with tried and tested tools and resources made available to you, you'll acquire the power to choose to rewrite the previous self sabotaging programming, regardless of what it might be, and use this new found awareness to create whatever circumstances for yourself, that you have a desire to create.

Again, it requires nothing more than a choice.

You have the power to choose to investigate further and determine for yourself just how "powerfully creative" you are, as well as the choice to remain as you are and continue to create the same results as you have to this point.

Often times, when I convey these simple truths I receive a lot of Yea, buts..........

These yea buts, many as there are, are understandable based on the previous subconscious programming received by so many, but once introduced to the possibility of new hope, at the core are merely conscious choices to make excuses for not exploring the possibility, and "consciously choosing" to change current conditions and circumstances into "desired results" that so many claim that they want and "wish" they could experience.

Life doesn't give us what we gives us what we choose for ourselves.

Your power to choose is an inalienable gift provided to you and whatever choices you make will without fail determine what you get.

That may sound harsh to some, but I can assure you that I share it with the greatest amount of empathy, compassion and caring that I can muster.

I do so because I have walked down the "unconscious path" and know first hand the challenges and discontent that choosing that path can and does provide.

One thing is certain...

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It's as simple and complex as utilizing your power to choose to begin "consciously choosing" your path.

Although I agree that what ever information that you were programmed with as a child and throughout your young life, was in fact, not in your control, you now have the power to choose as well as the obligation, should you desire change for yourself, to discover and shift the limiting underlying beliefs which are keeping change from becoming "real and tangible."

Should you find that old self limiting beliefs no longer serve you and are in some way limiting your ability to "consciously create" your heartfelt desires and reach your true potential, you have the power to choose to eliminate them and begin to experience the things that you desire in your life.

Ultimately, your power to choose a different path or continue down the same as you have rests in your hands.

You have the power to choose to explore and discover your inherent greatness and creative abulity.

You have the power to choose to take conscious and intentional action starting right here, right now and discover for yourself that what I convey is based on a "Higher Truth", than the "truth that the vast majority have chosen and are choosing" for themselves. You also have the power to choose to do nothing.

The really great thing about life is that whatever we choose...we get to be right.

Choosing to do nothing is also a choice.

If you will use your power to choose and explore further, you will find and come to know for yourself that it is based on a Higher Truth than you may currently hold.

With the countless resources and educational materials readily available to you today, you can begin making conscious choices to eliminate, elevate and replace the old self limiting belief patterns that are keeping you from reaching your true potential, and replace them with empowering beliefs that will.

You also have the power to choose to allow those self limiting beliefs and perceptions to remain and continue to produce the exact same results in your life that they have to this point.

It's Nothing More or Less Than A Choice That YOU Have The Power To Make
Your power to choose is your inalienable God given right to do, or not do, whatever you feel is the right thing for you.

The choices that you make today are the choices that are going to determine and create what you see manifest in your physical world tomorrow.

You'll be challenged to make several choices should you choose to explore my Daily Dose Of Good.

You can choose to believe that this is a bunch of hocus pocus, based on your previous conditioning, and never do anything to implement it's power into your life, or you can make a conscious choice to study the scientific proof revealed by Nobel Prize Laureates as well as spiritual principles that support it's truth and make an educated, conscious and informed decision for yourself.

You have the Power to Choose whether or not you will explore, learn and discover the immutable and unwavering Universal Laws (Supreme Laws or Laws of Nature) that govern our entire universe, or you have the power to choose to ignore and remain oblivious to them.

You have the ability and the power to choose to align and harmonize yourself with these immutable and unwavering laws to create a life beyond your wildest imagination, or you have the power to choose to ignore their undeniable and predictable creative abilities, and continue to "unconsciously create" and experience a life of "perceived" chance and uncertainty.

You have been given the power to choose to explore, study, and determine for yourself the Higher Truth concerning the incredible power of the Law of Vibration and discover your true ability to create your life by design, or use that same power to choose to ignore it's verifiable and substantiated existence or continue to attract and experience a life of randomness and uncertainty fully "perceiving" that the events, conditions and circumstances unfolding are doing so by default.

You possess the power to choose to establish a belief or disbelief in the immutable and unwavering creative power of what has been recently labeled the Law of Attraction and begin to understand and "consciously utilize" it's incredible power to attract to yourself the life you most desire, or choose to write it off as some airy fairy nonsense that doesn't pertain to you and continue to "unconsciously attract" whatever life delivers.

You have the power to choose to become aware of the Law of Abundance as well as it's capability to provide you with far more than you could ever conceive or hope for in your life.

You can, if you choose as the vast majority do, continue to believe that you are just a victim of circumstance rather than a creator of circumstance, and continue to attract and receive the same results you have to this point.
There is no question that you have the power to choose your future actions , which will inevitably determine your outcomes.

One thing is have the ability to utilize your power to choose consciously and turn your life into an incredible journey of unlimited blessings, fulfillment, inner peace, and limitless prosperity whenever you make the choice to do so.

The Higher Truth concerning you and the power you hold is readily and freely available to you here, within the pages of this site.

The many personal empowerment tools and resources created by some of the most trusted, successful and knowledgeable teachers on the planet are also available at your disposal. Should you choose to utilize them, you will have made a choice that will bring you one step closer to experiencing a quality of life beyond your wildest imagination.

Consciously Utilize Your Power To Choose, And Make The Choice To Learn The Higher Truth Of Your Unlimited Capability To Create For Yourself A Kind and Quality of Life That You Desire and So Deserve.

Regardless of your individual future choices, it is our sincere hope that those choices might lead you one step closer to discovering the Higher Truth for yourself, and experiencing a kind and quality of life that you were intended to live and created to enjoy. A life that harmonizes with and fulfills all of your most cherished hopes, dreams and visions.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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