Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conquer Limiting Beliefs

Here is another clearing method you can use
to clean out your limiting beliefs.

This is just one technique - I have several
more that you will be learning in other postings
here at the Daily Dose of Good.
Did you ever notice that there are some people
that seem to live in the "flow?" They seem to
attract money, great opportunities and display
unwavering confidence in themselves at all times.

This is not an accident or sheer luck.

These people have learned how to conquer limiting
beliefs that hold back most others.

One small limiting belief will keep you paralyzed
in fear. And this fear will keep you from taking
action and moving forward in your life.

OR, you can take inspired action and learn how to
conquer limiting beliefs, once and for all, and
attract miracles in your life. (Which I'll show
you how to do in a minute.)

First, let's see if you have any limiting beliefs
and then I'll show you an effective technique to
help conquer them.

If you say any of the following things to
yourself, you have at least one limiting belief...

- "I'll never lose this weight."
- "I cannot be cured of this disease."
- "I'll never be wealthy or financially free."
- "I'm not smart enough."
- "My relationship is over, so why bother trying to fix it."
- "Who am I to think I can be successful
nobody in my family is."
- "I'm afraid to switch jobs. What if it doesn't work out?"
- "Why should I try?"
- "I'm a big loser."
- "Nobody will ever love me."
- "I'm not attractive."
- "My (wife/husband) does not love me anymore."
- "I can't afford it."
- "Investments are for rich people."
- "I'm too old to go back to school."
- "I have no business experience, so I'm sure to fail."
- "I cannot afford to invest in anything. I'll
probably lose it all."
- "I'm too young, nobody will take me seriously."

Do any of these seem familiar?

Heck, you may have many more limiting beliefs.

It's very important to be honest with yourself
about this. (And believe me - you're not alone.)

Now...I want to teach you a clearing method that
conquers limiting beliefs.

Here's what you do...

1. Write down any ailments, feelings, or other
discomforts you are experiencing.

2. If you have a pain, ailment, or feeling, you
do not like...welcome it. Then write down a
description of it. How deep is it? What color
is it? How intense is it? Really feel it and get
in touch with it.

3. Ask the feeling what it is trying to tell you.
Just pretend you can hear an answer. Go with it.
You'll be surprised what it will tell you. Then
write it down. This alone is liberating.

4. Take any action steps that the feeling may
request of you, and write down your experience and
insights. In time, this will clear your limiting

Repeat this for each limiting belief. Keep in
mind that this takes practice. If you take
inspired action and persist, it will work for you.

Many people, using this clearing method, have
gone on to conquer limiting beliefs enabling them
to attract their own miracles.

Some are attracting new cars, homes, new found
happiness, and better health - while others are
experiencing weight loss, quitting smoking,
starting a new business, getting over traumatic
memories, and even finding their soul mate.
All these people followed a proven system, that
works consistently, day after day, year after
year. This process is built around conquering
limiting beliefs.

In fact, once you learn this process - it keeps
right on working for you.

Now it's your turn.

Do you want to make your life better? Do you
want to attract miracles in your life? Do you
want to find more money, the ideal relationship,
or start a new business or anything else?

How would you like to tame that little voice
within, that limiting belief screaming out at you
every time you want to take a step forward?

Now's your chance.

Life can only get better when you have
unwavering belief in yourself and the courage to
conquer all your limiting beliefs. This is how
you move forward. I also want you to ask
yourself, "If not now, when?" "If not
Every Month a Million, then what?"

A better life comes down to
a few life-changing decisions. Make yours today.

You can have virtually anything you wish for.

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