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Limiting Beliefs - The Answer To Success Lies Within

We are all creating our reality all of the time, but most of us are doing it unconsciously. So if it’s that simple, why not learn to do it consciously by focusing on the things we want, instead of those that we don’t?

Our beliefs have tremendous power over us, and over the quality of our entire lives. They dictate how happy and successful we are (or not), the nature of our relationships, what type of home we live in, and even what kind of car we drive. They direct every single facet of our lives, and all of our decisions.

Some of our beliefs are helpful, such as the belief that we will be healthier if we eat well and exercise. However, other beliefs can keep us locked in a state of unhappiness, poverty, poor health, in miserable relationships, or even alone. We call these “limiting beliefs”.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”
“I can’t do that…it’ll never work!”
“I can never seem to find the right person to love me just the way I am.”
“I can’t afford that!”
“I’m not smart enough to make more money.”
“I have to work even more hours if I want to make more money.”
“I’ll be happy when _________ happens.” (Fill in the blank with some future event.)
Do any of these sound familiar to you?

We call these limiting beliefs because they literally limit what we believe is possible for us to experience in our lives. But in our amazing universe, anything is possible. If we can think it, we can create it. In fact, if we can simply desire it, we can have it.

That’s because we will never experience a burning desire for something that we do not also have the power to attract, or to achieve.

Most of us adopted our strongest limiting beliefs when we were young children, because we simply accepted what our parents said as gospel. Our minds were like little sponges, accepting as truth practically everything we heard. Our parents didn’t know any better, because they were told the same things by their parents. Much of this was passed down from the generations before them, so neither they, nor you, are to blame for your limiting beliefs.

As adults, we have a wonderful opportunity to transform them into more productive and positive beliefs, which then translate into a better life experience moving forward. For example:

“There is plenty of money to go around, and plenty of money flowing to me on a constant basis.”
“I can do anything I set my mind to do, and ultimately, it will work!”
“I am lovable just as I am, and I am now attracting exactly the right love partner to me.”
“I can always afford whatever I want or need.”
“I have plenty of brains to make as much money as I want to.”
“I can make lots more money even if I work the same hours, or less, than I do now.”
“I am perfectly happy in this moment, and this is the only moment that matters.”

So whenever you catch yourself thinking or saying something that reflects a limiting belief, you will want to immediately stop yourself and say (or think) exactly the opposite. Learn to be the gatekeeper to your thoughts.

Realize that even if you have a fleeting negative thought, it will not cause negative consequences, so don’t punish yourself for having these thoughts. It’s when you dwell on these thoughts that you cause the manifestation process to come to fruition. So, by immediately switching to a positive thought or statement, and then focusing on that, you will create more of what is to your liking and less of what is not.

But, I’d be lying to myself!

Even if these statements don’t seem to reflect your current circumstances – in fact, even if they feel like outright lies – know that they CAN be your reality in the very near future. That’s because Our Thoughts Become Things. (More on this in a moment.)

Regardless of how bad things might appear right now, it’s really important to change your thinking to be more positive. It’s like the chicken and the egg – it will require a leap of faith on your part to believe a better life is possible, but you won’t be able to make that leap unless you begin to shift your negative thinking. (use Positive Affirmations.)

For some of you, this won’t be a difficult leap to take, because some part of you already knows this to be true. But for others, especially those of you who are new to this material, it may seem unfathomable right now. And that’s okay. Don’t worry, as you raise your awareness and diligently practice these principles, trust in this process will become very natural to you over time.

For now, it’s enough to simply hold the trust and faith that you will have sufficient trust and faith in the very near future…and it will happen, one day at a time.

Here at Every Month A Million with our Daily Dose Of Good we will be helping you to build your trust and faith in the process of attracting the life you desire. Eventually you will have absolute expectation that your desires will be met, but for now, baby steps!

Why Limiting Beliefs Matter

The only things that stop you from having the life you desire are your limiting beliefs. According to the Law of Supply, the natural state of humankind is one of a constant flow of expansion and abundance. That’s why we humans are always striving to do more, be more, and have more. But almost all of us unconsciously hinder the flow of abundance, by having limiting beliefs that constantly convince us of what isn’t possible! This universe is one of unlimited possibilities, and that applies to each and every one of us. Yes, that means you.

Scarcity is a limiting belief shared by most people on this planet, which explains why there is so much poverty and war. We think there’s not enough to go around, when in fact, there is an infinite supply available to each and every one of us. It’s not necessary to compete for resources! The true nature of the universe is Abundance. In order to have abundance, all we must do is transform our limiting beliefs and learn to receive that abundance. (This is easier said than done, but more on that in a moment.)

If you doubt this concept, consider for a moment the daisy in the meadow. It started as a tiny seed, buried in the dirt an inch or two below the surface, nothing more. Yet as it grows into a plant, and then grows a flower atop, it’s provided with every single thing it needs: minerals, proteins, water, sunshine, even bees to spread its pollen around so it can propagate. Everything in nature is provided for the daisy in this way, so why should it be any different for us humans? Fortunately, flowers and bees don’t harbor limiting beliefs. They simply take it for granted that their needs will always be met, and they are. We should take lessons from them!

Another example of how we always have our needs met may be considered in our current situation with oil. Many people fear the prospect that we might be running out of this crucial resources in the very near future. And that very well may be the case. But this is based on the limiting thinking that oil is our only viable option.

There are so many alternative forms of energy being researched today, and it’s my firm belief that we will not experience a massive energy shortage. Perhaps there will be an adjustment period while we’re transitioning to these new energy sources, but I don’t believe it spells the end of our world as we know it.

Take, for example, the research some scientists are doing with plastic sheeting (like cellophane), which functions as solar panels. Scientists have discovered that by wrapping this special plastic around your house, it can eventually provide enough solar power to amply heat your house. Granted, they need a few more years before the product will be efficient enough to do this, but they are very confident that it will work, given their current research results. The best news is that it should be far less expensive than traditional solar panels.

Who would’ve thought that Saran Wrap could solve our energy crisis? And doesn’t that provide evidence that the possibilities in our wonderful universe are limitless?

There are many more exciting new alternative energy sources popping up each month. As demand for new resources rises, it is inevitable (in my opinion) that humankind will invent exactly what we will need in order to survive.
Many of us aren’t even aware that we have scarcity beliefs to begin with. We just think we were born poor and therefore assume we always will be, or we just don’t have the brains we need in order to be successful, etc. Some of us think it’s simply our fate to suffer, or even worse, that we have sinned and therefore this is God’s payback.

But these are all untrue, and sadly, often the result of erroneous religious teachings. The truth is that success and abundance are available to every single person on the planet, if they just know where to look. The answer lies not with a better education, or a more prestigious job, or rich Uncle Milton’s inheritance when he finally dies, or even having the right “connections”. The answer lies within our own minds. And the first step is to learn how the power of our thoughts affects every single thing in our lives.

Creating Our Reality – Thoughts Become Things

In order for something to become physical, it begins with a thought. Then it becomes a word or a picture. Then, with ample energy, emotion, and expectation focused upon that word or picture, the universe begins to work on manifesting it in the quantum realm. So, in essence, it is created in the non-physical realm instantly, even if you can’t see the evidence of it yet. But it requires continuous focus in order for it to become physical.

When we make statements like, "I am so grateful that I have all the money I need," we are in fact truly talking about the Now. We aren't going into the future. It's just our four dimensional perceptions that make it seem like we’re programming the future, just using a tricky way of saying it by using the present tense.

But if you look at our larger experience--not just material reality--as soon as we say that statement, it is true. Now. In the real Now. It becomes true energetically and actually. The "delay" is just in our perceptual apparatus, that doesn't allow us to "get there" until "later".

Think of it this way: If you look at all of reality as existing at once like a giant house with many, many rooms, then our progress through time involves walking through all those rooms. Going from moment to moment is like walking from one room to another. The rooms all exist "at once"; the one we leave doesn't vanish when we go through the doorway. They are all just there, and it’s our perceptual experience that makes it look like a journey.

Creation is just adding on a room; as soon as we get our energy in the right place and focus, the new room is instantly there. It IS. But it may take us a while to "get there" – depending on our beliefs or fears, we may just step over into it from the room we are in; or it may take us a long time to find where that new room is.

The conflict is created by a lag in our perceptual speed, not by some conflict in the nature of reality. The way we create is to find within ourselves, right Now, the energy of the thing we want. When we become as evolved as the avatars in the Far East (or Jesus himself) who can materialize things instantly, we'll see for ourselves that the time paradox dissolves and it does indeed all happen Now.
As you focus on what you desire, the universe starts organizing every little piece of what you have thought about, including the physical parts, the people you need to help you, the chance meetings with those people, the newspaper ad that you noticed, every tiny detail.

And eventually, these pieces fit together in a series of synchronicities, which result in getting you that which you have thought about most (good or bad!). It has no choice but to create what you focus on.

If we consider the Wright brothers, prior to them nobody had been able to build an airplane and get it off the ground. But in the brothers’ minds, they imagined a device that would fly, and then they built it. They didn’t know how they would build that airplane; they just knew what they wanted to build. In fact, every single thing that has ever been, or ever will be, came from someone’s idea, thought, or imagination.

We are all creating our reality all of the time, but most of us are doing it unconsciously. So if it’s that simple, why not learn to consciously create more of what we want, by focusing on the things we want instead of those we don’t?

Here are some more detailed discussions of creating reality and visualization.

Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

One way you can identify a limiting belief is by looking at the difference between your desires and your current results. If you really would love to have a new BMW, but you’re driving a beat up old Toyota, then there’s a limiting belief causing that experience for you.

It may be that you don’t feel worthy of a new BMW, or worthy of having any nice things. Or it may be that you believe, deep down inside, that only rich jerks drive BMWs, because you think that all rich people are jerks. Or it may be something entirely different, perhaps even a combination of different beliefs.

Caveat: You may already be well on your way to transforming this particular belief into a positive one, but your current situation doesn’t yet reflect your new belief. Remember, your current results are a reflection of your current and/or PAST beliefs. So you may actually be in a transition state, in which your old Toyota is well on its way to the junkyard and your new BMW will soon arrive. So if you’re sure you have adopted the new, more positive belief, don’t be frustrated…these things can take time to become a physical reality.

Another great way of identifying your limiting beliefs is to pay close attention to the thoughts that arise when you think about those things you’d like to have. For instance, if you’re looking at that photograph of the new BMW, and your mind is screaming, “I’ll never be able to afford that car!”, then you know you’ve just identified a limiting belief.

It’s very worthwhile to spend some time looking at the reasons why you don’t feel you can have that new car right now. It’s helpful to write down these thoughts as they arise, then write the exact opposite (as mentioned in the beginning of this article.) Then, spend some time each day focusing on those positive statements, and soon you’ll be driving that new Beemer!

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Transforming limiting beliefs can be as simple as deciding one day that a particular belief no longer serves you, and then choosing a new belief. For instance, for most of my adult life I held onto the belief that money always came “just in the nick of time”. And indeed, it did! But it caused me lots of stress and worry until the “nick of time” finally arrived.

One day, I noticed that I harbored this belief. I decided that it no longer served me, so I chose a new one: “Money always comes before the nick of time.” Much to my amazement, that has been the case ever since!

Sometimes it’s that simple, but not always. Just thinking positive thoughts and saying affirmations to change your beliefs may not resolve some of the more deeply held beliefs. That said, however, it’s critical that we catch ourselves when we have negative thoughts, and immediately shift to more positive ones, as mentioned above. This will have an effect on your overall thinking, and will produce positive results in your life in many ways – not the very least of which is to help you feel generally happier and more optimistic about everything.
Once we begin to familiarize ourselves with the manifesting process, many of us soon find it relatively easy to believe that we can attract an extra $50 here and there, or a pair of tickets to a concert. But what about $50,000? Or $50 million?

Do those numbers make your head want to explode?

One of the more difficult challenges to overcome is that deep down inside, we often don’t believe that we can have unlimited success, wealth and abundance. $50 is not outside of our realm of “possibilities”, but $50 million? No way! But if you think about it, what’s really the difference? In a universe of unlimited possibilities, there is no difference between the two amounts, just a whole bunch of paper (equating to the mass of part of a tree?). We invent the difference in our own minds, perhaps because we attach our own self-worth to the amount of money we think we deserve to have.

No matter how often you think or say what you want, when it comes to manifesting, it’s what you truly believe that matters. This is especially true when it comes to the bigger things (like millions of dollars). If you desire millions of dollars, or anything else, for that matter, it’s necessary to clear up these limiting beliefs about it so the universe can deliver it. This is why simply making affirmations, without clearing out the deep underlying beliefs, often fail. (I have some excellent methods for quickly transforming even your deepest beliefs I will be teaching you in other post.)

If our core belief is one of scarcity, then that’s the frequency vibration we will transmit. The universe will hear and act upon that vibration, regardless of what our mouths are saying to the bathroom mirror every morning.

Overcoming this limited thinking can take some time and diligent effort, but it’s absolutely achievable. I had some of the most stubborn, deep, negative, unworthiness beliefs to overcome, and tons of consumer debt. But now, I know that there is absolutely no limit to what I can create or attract (and the consumer debt is now completely gone). If I can shift my beliefs so dramatically, so can you!

This is a process that can take some time, like peeling off the layers of an onion. However, as you peel off the layers, you will begin to attract more and more of what you desire. The better you get at this, the more powerful your manifesting muscles will become. And the more powerful you believe you are, the more your mind will open up to the vast possibilities available to you.

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