Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mastering Your Mind Power

You have decided to make some positive changes in your life to master your mind power with the intention of producing more outcomes that are in alignment with what you desire. You have identified things, conditions, circumstances, and people you no longer want in your life.

You have also identified what things, conditions, circumstances, and people you desire to have in your life, as they are the exact opposite of what you DO NOT WANT. In addition, you have agreed that affirmations are a very powerful (FREE) tool available to you to instill new thoughts, images and beliefs in your mind so you have decided to begin a regimen using them.

Your DO WANT list is probably fairly long. I would strongly urge you to prioritize it and choose the top three items from your newly prioritized list with which to begin. Most credible teachers and authors recommend repeating your affirmations at least three times a day, upon arising, at midday and just before retiring. I concur and I would strongly suggest your repeating them more often if possible.

The question of how many repetitions should be in each set and how does one keep count of them often arises. I have yet to find anyone who offers a definitive, magical number of repetitions. You must choose that number for yourself. You are working with your own mind and it might take a little while to come up with a comfortable number. I personally chose to do 25 repetitions per set.

To keep count, I constructed a rosary-like, bead bracelet. I went to the notion section of a discount store, picked up some inexpensive beads, and a roll of stretch string. I put 25 beads on a section of string, tied a stop-knot at the end of it so as to leave about an inch of slide-space.

I would begin on either side of the slide-space and slide one bead forward as I completed an affirmation. The knot in the string indicated when I reached the 25th bead so I did not have focus on keeping count. The bracelet turned out to be a perfect fit for my wrist so I wore it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I can promise you that early on in you affirmation regimen, tail enders will make their appearance. A tail ender, is a term for the negative counter (or a reversal) to your affirmation, and it is one of the most effective tools used by your self image in its attempt to keep you in your DO NOT WANT world and to keep itself in control of your life.

If a tail ender is not addressed immediately, it gradually re-establishes itself as your TRUE affirmation. Thus you are stopped dead in your tracks on your new, life-changing journey. Like a powerful magnet, it will pull you back into the waiting arms of the old self image and your old consistent thoughts.

It is my belief, evidenced by my past experiences, that the lack of knowledge about tail enders and the absence of effective strategies and tools to counter them push most people off their positive, life-changing course and back into their DO NOT WANT world comfort zone soon after even the most promising beginnings.

Overcoming Fear

Most of the fears we experience are irrational. In other words, there is no valid reason that we should be influenced by them because they are not based on any real, physical event, person, or thing. The effect on the vast majority of people in our society, however, is poverty-mindedness and inability to enjoy the wealth that is all around. Fear is the single greatest reason that you and millions of other people have not and are not now living more of the lives you desire.

Irrational fear has become the filters through which your self image directs nearly every decision you make, especially if the decision involves finances. Irrational fear is a major factor that keeps 95% of the population either in poverty or struggling to live on paycheck to paycheck jobs. Since, in a the state of fear, calm, rational thinking is literally pushed aside, any decision you make in this state is generally not going to be in your best interest.

Obviously, in order for you to succeed at mastering your mind power and having more of the life you desire, some of your fears must be faced and overcome. Please do not despair. The overcoming of fear is not as difficult as it might sound, and I am not suggesting that you overcome all of your fears. Remember, some of them may be so deep seated that the services of a qualified, professional therapist might be required.

It is critical that you identify the fear or fears standing between you and your desires. Here is a process that worked for me. I began to consciously observe my reactions and feelings whenever (for example) money issues came up in conversations with my wife or other members of my family.

If something as simple as an extended vacation came up, I would begin to sense those fear feelings in the pit of my stomach that we would need the money that we would spend on the vacation for something more pressing, and I would produce various reasons why an extended vacation was not a good idea. If something as serious as starting a business or investing in capital properties entered our conversation, the fear of the possible loss of our hard-earned money would sometimes become so acute that I would have trouble sleeping at night.

One day it dawned upon me that I had learned from my studies that I needed to focus on my desires more than I focused on fear. Once I began to consistently imagine the joy of seeing and visiting with my family, old friends, and new places, the fear of needing the money for something more pressing faded more and more. There really was nothing more pressing.

As for starting a business, I reasoned that by choosing Every Month A Million I would be able to have all my desires, and dreams. In other words, the imagined gain and joy of achieving my desires became greater than the imagined fear.

You too must go through a process of your choosing to overcome the fear within you. Life on this planet is too short to give it over to fears, most of which do not exist in reality and never will. One of the saddest commentaries on human history is the abundant availability of great wealth but fear all too often succeeds in blinding us to the possibility of having that wealth.

However, this I know for sure. You can claim or re-claim control of your own mind power. You are the most miraculous of all living beings on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so stupendous, that as you truly begin mastering your mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve.

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