Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Thought Vibration Works

Thought vibration cannot be heard, seen or smelled. However, it is as real as anything that you see around you.

This vibration is so intense that it takes shape instantly in a non-physical reality.

However, as it cannot be sensed in this physical world, you may not give much significance to it.

Thought vibration is higher than your senses can detect.

Your senses are capable to catch just a friction of the vibrations surrounding you. You miss out on most of the reality as a result.

Thought vibration is similar to radio waves. However, radio waves are within the range of your perception, therefore you are able to hear them.

You may find it hard to believe that thoughts are powerful enough to manifest themselves into your reality. Why? Because it is hard for you to perceive something that you cannot touch, hear or smell. However, thoughts create your life no matter if you believe it or not.

Thought vibration works the same way as a magnet. Magnet has the capability to attract very heavy objects to itself, yet you cannot see the force causing the attraction. However, you do not neglect the fact that magnet attracts objects.

The only difference in magnet force is that it can instantly attract objects to itself. Thought, however, takes time to manifest. Why? Because firstly you manifest goals in a non-physical reality. Then this manifestation needs your persistence to finally present itself in your reality.

You might ask at this point why your manifestation needs persistence to come. Why can't it manifest instantly? My honest answer would be that I don't know. It could be so to protect you. As if you think about something horrible, you would not want this manifestation to come instantly to your life, would you?

Most people's minds are so untrained, it is pure chaos there. It would be too much for a person to handle if he would manifest everything he is thinking of.

It might also be this way so as to reward only those who are persistent enough. It would not be fair for everyone to have what they wish because even lazy people would get all they want.

So you may notice a balance here. Those that take time to learn thought vibration will eventually apply everything they know and manifest whatever they desire. Yet lazy people will get results that resonate with their behaviour. Life is fair, isn't it?

Thought Vibration Application

As soon as you think of something, you create it in a non-physical reality. It waits for you to get it. You keep thinking of it, and it comes closer and closer to you. Everything is good so far. But here's where most people fail. They forget to take action.

You have to take some action to get what you want. If you don't move, you will not get any results.

You can act in two ways. First (my favourite one) works this way:

You think of a thought, hold it long enough and then wait. After some time (couple of days or even hours) you will get some idea. This idea comes from the unconscious, starting to guide you towards the achievement of your goal.

If the idea seems right for you, you should act on it straight away – don't forget to thank for it though.

You will know if the idea has reached you through the unconscious rather than from your own logical mind. The idea will be 'out of the blue' and uncommon to your thinking.

I will give you a personal example here. I started to invite thought into reality through positive affirmations. I kept repeating: “Every day I will receive plenty of money working from home., I acted on the idea.” Did it work? You bet!!!

Great ideas started to pour out of nowhere. I would turn on my laptop, browse through some websites, and just spot the opportunities to make money. I would also get offers straight to my email inbox.

I got so many money making ideas that I did not know where to start! I had to stop these affirmations and really make some decisions. I took one great idea that really made sence to me. It was Every Month A Million, and started to work on it.

My mind was calm as I knew that this idea came from the unconscious through the direct request of mine. I knew that it would make me money, as I asked for the money making ideas.

Another way you could act is by taking any action while thinking about your goal. Just keep the goal at the back of your mind at all times, and take any action that you think will lead to the achievement of the goal.

This way you will start the process of manifestation. You may notice that you may be corrected later on if you take the wrong action. Something may happen which will cause you to take a different action. That is okay, just go with the flow. No resistance is needed.

Thought vibration also has some obstacles to go through. These obstacles are thoughts of others.

You are not the only thinking person in this world. The ether is filled with billions of thoughts.

Some of them resonate with yours, some don't.

If your goal is very big (e.g., if you are poor and you want to become a multi-millionaire), your thought will have to travel a long way.

That's why it is important to hold your thought long enough. You have to keep refuelling this vibration, until it is strong and can travel on its own.

Not even mentioning thoughts of others, what about your own thoughts? You may have hundreds of different thoughts in your head that conflict with each other. So if you want to become very wealthy, but some of your thoughts are about impossibility of becoming wealthy, how can you manifest riches?

The way to get rid of your limiting beliefs is by using positive affirmations (to change mindset) and meditation (to get rid of negative thoughts). These two steps I highly recommend. Them alone can make you very successful.

Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs you will notice that goals manifest much quicker. It is because the vibration you send does not have as many obstacles to go through. You will spend less time visualising and refuelling your dreams. They will manifest much easier.

Thoughts also have the capability to multiply themselves. This is because of the law of increase. If you keep thinking about riches, you will be able to attract other people's thoughts about riches. It will strengthen your vibration and you will eventually become rich.

The only thing is, there are many more people who have limiting and depressed thoughts...

That's why it is much easier to become poor and a coward than to become wealthy and courageous.

If you introduce some limiting thought vibration in your head, it will waste no time inviting its friends: sad, depressing, angry and worrying thoughts.

This especially applies if you live with fearful people or have angry neighbours. As soon as you become angry, their thoughts will find you and deepen your anger.

If you want to become a successful person, you will have to be persistent in positive thinking.

Others positive thoughts will reach you, but you may feel it only slightly.

Distance plays a role here. If a very successful person is far away from you, his/her thought will reach you. However, it will not be felt as strongly as some limiting thought you might get from your neighbour.

I know that it is easy to fall into the depressing thought vibration. But you have to think only positively if you want to get out of your current reality. Only you can help yourself, no one else can.

If you find it hard to hold positive thought vibration, just think about the rewards you will get. Is living your dream worth spending time thinking positively? I'm sure it is.

Don't ever give up in whatever you do. Do not fall back where the masses are. It's too crowded there anyway.

It is so much better to live a life of your dreams. And it is achievable. You will have to pay the price, of course, but the rewards will be worth every second of your persistence.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

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