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Compassion and Forgiveness

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Forgiveness As A Powerful Healing Tool

Forgiveness is a powerful healer that is identified as an emotional, physiological component of our human being and energy system. Our energy system includes our physical body, our mind and thoughts, and emotions as well as our spirit. Forgiveness helps us to move forward, release our burdens, and restore our beings. Forgiveness of others and ourselves can heal our hearts and soul, mending our energy bodies like a golden elixir. The lack of forgiveness which may be about ourselves or others is how we continue to be bound to karmic patterns which perpetuates repetition of lessons.

Frequently, we do not forgive ourselves for mistakes or occurrences from the past. Forgiving ourselves can heal our heart and being releasing bound energy that creates the space for loving energy to reside. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel compassion for people? Do I feel compassion for children or babies? Do I feel compassion for animals?

Exercise: Compassion and Forgiveness

The shortness and simpleness of this exercise does not indicate the powerful nature of the effects that are gleaned from its effects. Compassion and forgiveness are components of the heart chakra, physical heart and region of the chest, both front and back within the physical body.

Energy Locations of Compassion and Forgiveness

As components of the heart region, compassion and forgiveness are linked in healing ourselves and extending this healing energy towards other people within our environment. It is easier to forgive someone when we can hold compassion for them. The three questions above are designed to help you get in touch with the compassion and forgiveness that you can find for other people or animals. This helps us identify the feeling and actually locate this feeling within our physical body. If you feel more compassionate towards young children say babies up to the age of two or three years old than hold the vision of that feeling of protection and compassion for this age.

If you are able to relate to animals than hold the vision of animals who need your protection, compassion and forgiveness. Start the exercise your breath inhaling and exhaling gently three times. This is a time of releasing so that you can be present. Now connect to the feeling of compassion for children, babies or animals. Wait until you notice the location of this feeling within your body. This is a process that unfolds. No need to rush it. There is no time limit here. You may wish to play some quiet flute music, consistent repetitve drum rhythm.

This can be a powerful exercise to do. You can add one more significant step to this exercise. Go through all the steps and shut your eyes. At the end, open your eyes before a large mirror. Look directly into the mirror, into your own eyes and feel the compassion and forgiveness.

I have discovered, when doing this exercise in groups, that some people feel compassion and forgiveness in the heart while others will identify this feeling in their throat and heart and others will identify their solar plexus or spleen area. The location where you feel the compassion and forgiveness may be related to your past and what is going on with you at this time. One specific area of the body does not indicate a better or preferred location.

Repeat this exercise at least once each day for 20-60 seconds. We are just beginning to understand the relationship between our feelings/emotions and thoughts and our physiology. Compassion can positively change your physiology.

For Couples, Parents and Children and Friends.

Sit across from your friend. Shut your eyes. Identify the feelings of forgiveness and compassion for children or animals. Visualize either of these connections and hold this awareness until you become aware of the feelings within your body. Place your hand upon the area of yourself where you are aware of the feeling and allow the sensation to expand, washing over your entire body. Now allow this energy to include self- forgiveness. Stay with this awareness as long as is needed. When you are ready open your eyes and look into the eyes of your friend. If your partner is not done wait for them without movement or comment, in stillness. When you are both looking into the eyes of the other hold your focus on self-forgiveness. Feel the energy. Breath together three breaths in and three breaths out. You do not need to make any decisions about what needs to be done about it. Just stay with your awareness. When you are ready, you can move. You may wish to record your awarenesses before you share together.

Distant Forgiveness and Compassion Exercise

If you cannot share the same physical space with someone who you wish to do forgiveness exercises invite the presence of that person to be with you and do the exercise as if they were present. Imagine you are looking into their eyes when you speak your truth. The eyes are a window to the soul. This exercise can also be done with someone who is no longer upon the planet. This exercise can change the dynamics of your interior being which shifts the energy of any relationship whether the being is present upon the earth or not.

Can those people with whom you have a close relationship feel your forgiveness even if you don’t tell them? Yes. Does it matter if they are in close proximity? No. The process of forgiveness unfolds and will begin to shift your being.

The Results of Forgiveness Upon our Etheric Fields

The effect of forgiveness within the etheric field is palpable. Forgiveness affects our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit and our physiology. Energetically these activities open our hearts releasing negativity towards the self and others. The act of forgivness is an act of compassion. These two components are elements of the heart chakra and heart region of the physical body. When we engage in forgivness and compassion the effects create a wave of vibration that moves through the entire physical body and influences all the etheric bodies and chakra systems. The colors within the etheric field that are connected with forgiveness are: pink; gentle love, green; healing and growth, and blue; peacefulness. Sometimes a rainbow effect may occur around the person too. The activities of forgiveness help to rebalance our being in the present and replace negative patterns.

Forgiveness releases a sheath of energy that lays upon and within the etheric field. As we continue to practice forgiveness these layers allow the etheric field to become more and more clear. The action of forgiveness also connects to various thoughts, experiences and emotional states which are related to the corresponding chakra(s). Releasing energy and thoughts through forgivness allows a chakra or several chakras to lighten and unburden which means they function without being encumbered by the weight of negative energy.

Forgiveness can shift shame, blame and guilt, releasing negative energy which may be linked to generational messages, thoughts about self, the inner cirtic, secrets or other negative self talk. Forgiveness allows us to be present in the moment. Practicing forgiveness is a useful technique for changing consciousness.

How often is it best to practice forgiveness of self and others?

These exercises can be incorporated as a monthly exercise or something that can be done at the end of each day before falling asleep. When we become more aware of the need to forgive this can be done in the moment. The more we participate in the practice of compassion and forgiveness the more aware we will become of the burdens and judgements we carry towards ourselves and others. Through our heightened awareness the burdens of energy that no longer serve us, which contaminate our etheric field and physical body will become lighter and lighter. Being a model for others and not holding energy burdens will be inspiring whether they know you are doing these practices or not. Each being and the work we do is important to the evolution of consciousness. Each of us is important as we contribute our actions and vibrational pattern through our etheric field to the pool of beings and morphogenic fields that effect postive change upon our planet.

Forgiveness of others does not mean that we allow ourselves to stay in a situaion that is abusive in any way.

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