Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Four Steps to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are a thousand times more addictive than drugs. My four step proven approach to help get rid of negative thoughts is presented here. Using this technique you can get rid of negative thoughts and make yourself a happier person.

Negative thoughts are a thousand times more addictive than drugs। Over time they become so that you cannot distinguish a thought as being separate from you.

Many mental health professionals and psychiatrists like Professor Aaron Beck of the University of Pennsylvania, who invented the Beck Hopelessness Scale, believe that depression is due to negative views towards the self, world, and especially the future. In his lifelong experience of working with depressed patients, Professor Beck found that they experienced streams of negative thoughts that habitually pop up spontaneously out of nowhere.

You can get rid of negative thoughts. There is hope for you. Others have done it, so can you!
There is a priceless and proven technique, which has helped lots of people get rid of negative thoughts that plague the mind. When you learn to get rid of negative thoughts you become a more positive person, who is happier. All the advice you get about “Think positive”, just doesn’t work if you can’t get rid of negative thoughts first. Using the following method you can get rid of much negativity in your life so that you can think positive.

So, here’s the method, step by step.

1. Become Aware

This is the first step. You have to recognise that you’re having a negative thought. The sure sign of a negative thought is that it lowers your energy level. Then it can also make you feel gloomy and bitter so that you can’t see any good in anything.

2. Label It

Take a good look at your thought. “I’m experiencing a negative thought now.” Tell yourself like this. Then you decide that you will not let this negative thought take control of you. Visualize the thought going away from you or going into the ground. Once a day, find a place where you can sit alone quietly for a few minutes. Even a toilet will do if you have no other place. Visualize that you dump your negative thoughts onto a dead tree, a rock or the sea. Tell yourself that you don’t want them anymore.
After doing this for a few days, you’ll notice a sudden change. Suddenly you’ll begin to feel your energy level stop sinking and the inner gloom will stop getting gloomier. Fantastic progress until now, so congratulate yourself. Treat yourself to a nice cake and then on to the next stage.

3. Exaggerate It

Explore the negative thought and play with it। Stretch it and make it absolutely ridiculous। If you have a thought such as “I can’t go and tell my bank that I’d need to lower my monthly mortgage amount. They’d think I’m a loser”. Visualize all the people at the bank laughing out aloud so they roll on the floor pointing at you. Some of them manage to rush into the street and stop passers-by or get on the phone and call their friends and say out aloud “Can you imagine, we have a customer here who wants to lower her monthly mortgage amount!” Then everyone joins in to ridicule you, the traffic stops, TV cameras appear and they make a breaking-news alert, the president cancels his foreign trip.
As you go on doing this thought stretching, you realize the absurdity of your negative thoughts. They begin to appear bizarre and lose their glue-like grip on you. Congratulations, you have now reached breakthrough point. The miracle has started taking place. You’ve started freeing your mind.

4. Be Thankful

Notice that all your exaggerations did not actually take place। Things could have been far worse for you if they had. This is a reason to be thankful. The moment you start being thankful, a new ray of life enters and your inner gloom lights up. Things start happening to you that never happened before. Where there were only walls for you to bang your head, doors and windows appear. An end of the world disaster turns out to be an opportunity, a new beginning that you’d never have imagined. Now just relax and experience how new things come into your life in place of the old negative thoughts.

Many addiction recovery programs fail because there is no success in replacing drugs, liquor, or porn addiction with something positive and desirable. It is the same with negative thoughts. They become an addiction. So, when you start purging your mind of them, what do you put in their place? Being thankful brings a positive appreciation of your situation and you see yourself as part of a bigger picture.

You don’t have to be religious or expect archangels flapping wings and blowing fiery trumpets by your bedside as wake up in the morning। The perspective and relaxed feeling you get as you start becoming free of negative thoughts allows you to be more receptive and see opportunities. This is what is meant by “Thy will be done” in prayer. You recognize that your personal ego is rather tiny in the big picture. If you try to run everything with this tiny ego, you limit all possibilities to only those your tiny ego can imagine. Life contains infinitely more possibilities than you can imagine. Then, to your surprise, you start attracting positive thoughts.

James Boehm

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