Monday, September 3, 2012

Law Of Attraction Means Living In Abundance And Prosperity

The law of attraction is very simple. To accept your abundance and prosperity, you will have to be careful of what you feel, think, believe and focus on... because it will become your life. It IS your life.

After years of being taught and raised in a world full of negative thoughts and ideas... it's only natural for us to have negative tendencies. We do become what we think!

So, after saying all of that--my point is this. If you can be trained to think negatively... you can be trained to think positively. And let me be the first to tell you that it ain't easy. But for the chance of attracting abundance and having this law working in your life--is it worth the try?

It takes work to un-do years of mental brainwashing about our world, our lives and the people and situations that surrounds us daily.

Remaining Positive Takes Work
Yes, the law of attraction is something a lot of us want, but getting our minds to remain focused on positive ideas all the time is going to take some serious work.
All I can tell you is that I want this law working in my life. So I still have to remind myself about the goals I want to accomplish, and what I want my life to be. Negative thoughts still crop-up now and then but, my tendency is to squash them before they even take root.

Then I remind myself of the things I want in my life. It's a matter of what is more important. A negative thought or comment about something or someone. Or using the law of attraction to better my life. You can guess which one wins, every time.

Start By Showing Contentment In Gratitude

Try filling your life with gratitude first. Gratitude for being here to practice this universal law. Live with gratitude, breath gratitude. It's easy to be grateful. Even for the smallest things in our lives. Show your contentment in gratitude.
Then work up to being grateful for a positive outlook on life. Give people and situations, the benefit of doubt. Gratitude can and will take you far. Even to a life where using this law becomes very fruitful.

This particular law works on the principle of like energy attracts like energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy... so basically, what we think and feel is what we're going to attract and experience in our lives.

Its orderly make-up is this... the entire cosmos is made of energy... and enegry vibrates. Everything that is made of energy vibrates at a certain level. Like vibrations attract each other... opposing vibrations repel each other.

Practicing this law (which is positive energy), will not work for a mind filled with hate, jealousy, doubt, fear and worry (which are all negative energies). They will repel each other. This is why aligning our emotional state is so important!

According To The Law Of Attraction You Attract The Emotions You Live

And you will attract whichever emotion is stronger. Let's face it. You can have some very strong emotions when it comes to hate, fear, worry, jealousy, etc.

And that's because it has been with us all our lives. It has become second nature to us. Even though we are entitled to our beliefs, it doesn't mean we can't change - it just means we're going to have to put fort an effort to change.

Do you want the attraction working in your life? Ask yourself these questions. How dedicated am I toward getting the life I want? How hard am I willing to work for it? How bad do I want to change my life?

When you answer these questions you will have your answer.

The law of attraction works, but there has to be an emotional releasing of all the negative blockages that are holding you back. Blockages that are hidden deep in your sub-concscious mind. You can't move forward with your life, if negative situations from your pass or even the present are holding you back.

James Boehm

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