Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Shift Your Reality in Six Easy Steps

Regardless what we may encounter and experience in life, we have the ability to make the best out of any given situation for ourselves and everyone around us. We have the ability to transform our lives through maintaining inner harmonious integrity of our mind, heart, and gut feelings... and while it's not necessary to be a meditation master to achieve excellent results, it is helpful to start meditating in order to fully know oneself.

Step 1

Clearly Envision Your True Dreams. The first step to success in shifting to a reality you most fully enjoy is to clearly envision what you'd genuinely most wish your life to be like. This is your opportunity to discern the difference between something that "seems like a good idea at the time" and something you'll actually love for a long, long time without later regrets. The difference between living a dream-come-true and a fantasy-come-true tends to be that dreams-come-true are good for lots of people, whereas fantasies-come-true are often enjoyable for a short term before they leave one feeling empty and unfulfilled in deep and lasting ways. If you need help figuring out whether you've really got a dream-come-true in mind, ask yourself how many people will be thrilled for this dream coming true. The more people are genuinely ecstatic, the more likely you've got a genuine dream, and not a flash-in-the-pan fantasy. Start a dream journal by writing down the dreams you envision which most completely thrill and delight you... including pictures, words, and feelings to remind you of your new reality.

Step 2

Get Out of Your Own Way. Much of the reason we tend to get stuck at a certain point in our lives is that we have no concept of how self-limiting many of our assumptions and beliefs actually are. There is a very good reason that we have an expression called, "Beginner's Luck," and that is that most of us can accomplish a great deal if we don't know that such things are impossible. This idea of clearing all negative beliefs, assumptions and self-talk from our consciousness is so powerful that you will see amazing results every time you let go of ideas you have had about how things are "supposed to be" in order to be open to what actually is... seeing possibilities, supporters, and resources with completely fresh eyes and the blessing of a Beginner's Mind. Ask yourself "How good can this get?" and truly open your mind and heart to imagine... anything.

Step 3

Listen to Your Intuition Through Your Body. There is a great deal of wisdom available to you that you may not be fully conscious of unless you learn to listen to it... and it comes to you through feelings you may pick up if you get "cold feet," for example. The best way to shift to a preferable reality is to select a destination that every part of you agrees with, so you are fully and completely harmoniously aligned with the vision of your dream-come-true. If you notice some part of you feeling tense or agitated, take some time to tune those feelings in and ask yourself what you are afraid of. Once you've listened to your genuine concerns and feelings, you can then make an overall assessment regarding whether what you thought you desired is exactly right, or whether it might need a little fine-tuning. This is an excellent time to revise your vision of your dream-come-true, so you can energize it with the full power of every cell in your body and fiber in your being feeling inspired by where your reality next will be.

Step 4

Expect Your Dream-Come-True. By expecting what you most desire, and considering it a "done deal," you can fully relax into a natural state of appreciation for ways you can better be in alignment with the new reality. This means that everything you say, think, and do is now attuned to the fact that you fully expect to be living your dream-come-true... the one that actually is also best for everyone and everything around you. Just like expecting to find a parking spot where you need one, and being delighted to find it just fine -- you do amazing energetic work by expecting that you are now aligned with a completely new-to-you reality.

Step 5

Appreciate Every Moment. Now that you've locked in a clear vision of what you are intending to manifest in your life, and you are expecting that you're on course with this natural transition, the best attitude to maintain momentum here is one of maximum appreciation. Make a point of feeling grateful every day as much as possible... whether you are alone, or with others. Write gratitude lists and put them in your dream journal. At a mastery level of appreciation, learn to find joy and beauty in everything... so that no matter what is happening, you can imagine that this, too, is unfolding exactly as required, even though it may not fully make any sense at this time.

Step 6

Do Something Nice for Someone. Take actions in ways that serve others as they wish to be served; notice what someone needs that you can provide, and offer assistance in kind words, smiles, and actions. Your compassionate interactions with others will tremendously boost your energy level to the point that lots of your internal belief and assumption wiring will be overhauled... and you will find yourself feeling much happier, too. Remember that your most desired dreams-come-true are ones where others are happiest, too, and guide yourself and others forward by looking around every day with true longing to know "How good can it get?"

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