Monday, November 2, 2009

Wanting to Become Rich is not Enough

Our nature makes us want respect, fame, and success. Perhaps evolution caused that, because back in our primitive days if every member of the pack competed for the alpha spot then the strongest would usually become the leader, which was in the interest of the pack as a whole. As a result, we all want success. In modern capitalism, being successful often means being rich. Most people want to be rich.

Of course, most people do not just want to be rich and successful. Most people also believe that they will be rich and successful one day. This starts from childhood, in that even as kids we all think we will be the next big pop singer, sports star, or other celebrity.

Unfortunately, most people never become very rich or successful. The reason is not necessarily that they could not become rich or successful. The reason is that they never actually put in the work and effort required to become rich or successful.

As ridiculous as it sounds, these people seem to think that simply wanting to be successful and believing that they will be successful is enough. Obviously, it is not enough. Wanting success will not make a person successful. Believing that one day you will become rich will not make it happen. Thinking that you deserve to be rich or successful will not make you rich or successful.

Sadly, many people live a whole life actually believing that one day they will magically become rich and successful. Even worse, they sometimes even live their lives aimlessly and do not make the most with what they do have, because they see their regular lives as nothing but a setup for some fantastical future of fame and wealth.

Ironically, if most people actually tried, they could become very successful. Success does not have to mean money, but to those to whom it does mean money, they could become rich.

To become rich, a person actually has to try, though. A person cannot do it by partying all the time. A person cannot do it by wasting time in front of the TV or by wasting money at the movie theater. A person cannot become rich by going in debt to buy a fancy car or overpriced clothes. A person cannot become rich by taking unhelpful risks such as driving without insurance or having unprotected sex. Think about it, how much money could a person make while getting drunk at a nightclub and accidentally having children with random strangers after some fun one-night-stands?

In contrast, a person can become rich or successful if they actually choose to put in the work and effort. A person becomes rich by splitting their waking hours between studying hard and working hard. A person becomes rich by saving and investing their money, and limiting their personal expenses to just their basic needs. A person becomes rich by choosing to use their time and money to work towards long-term goals rather than shortsightedly spending them on immediate pleasures.

Most people have the choice to become successful. Of course, success does not always mean money. Instead of putting 80 hours a week in at the office and becoming financially rich, a person might choose to raise a family and spend time with their spouse and kids. To that person, success might mean being part of a happy family. Whatever success means to you, you can probably achieve it if you truly put your mind to it and really try for it.

To becoming financially successful Every Month A Million is the choice I have made. There you get the best of everything not only do you become Financially Rich but you also get Inspired, Motivated, and Educated in every aspect of your life. It also is so fun and rewarding helping others to reach there goals and dreams.

Whatever you do, good luck and have fun!

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