Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Two Faces of Awareness

Yesterday towards the end of the call Liza made a statement that brought up the subject of awareness.

Awareness is a great topic and it deserves some dedicated attention.

Also before the end of this call I’m going to promise you two things that I want you to carry away with you, and remember forever. I don’t take or make promises lightly, if I promise anything that means it is an absolute fact.

Awareness in the best possible term means we have learned the process, we know what to do and what not to do daily that will interrupt or interfere in using the law of attraction to reshape our lives, we have become consciously aware of our thoughts, our vibration and how to keep our energy attracting positively in our lives.

Once you have entered into a conscious consistent state of awareness it could be said that you are on the path to living an enlightened life. Enlightenment is something that many people think they have achieved but few actually have there are the Dee Pak Chopra’s of the world that are truly living and teaching enlightenment, I personally think it takes years to achieve a state of enlightenment.

Awareness should be your constant companion, just like self. Every second of every day you should be aware of your thoughts and actions, and the absolute power they have in your lives. Awareness is your ally and will become key to achieving the results in your personal and professional endeavors.

However awareness like many other emotions, such as negativity have the power to be a very dark influence in your process, in order to separate the two we will refer to the dark side of awareness as hyper awareness, conscious awareness is good, hyper awareness is bad.

Hyper awareness could be an occasional or constant force working against us. If you are hyper aware you would be aware of everything that’s wrong in your life. Go back and think about this, we get what we ask for, and we ask for it by thinking about, focusing on, or lending our attention to…therefore if you suffer from hyper awareness, you are focusing your thoughts on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right, by focusing your thoughts on what’s wrong that awareness is working in full force to deliver more of the same. Not only are you thinking about all that’s wrong, and ordering up some more, you are at the same time experiencing or creating the negative emotions that stem from being in a state of hyper awareness, stress, worry, negativity.

Promise number one…

I promise you that you are going to have disappointments, things are going to be wrong, and things are going to go wrong. If you are living and breathing things are going to happen that will immediately completely dominate your focus, and send you in to a state of hyper awareness. It’s what you do when you get there that matters. Accept that things are going to occur that will make you unhappy, cause you stress, and make you worry, then commit to overcoming these things quickly, by learning to analyze that which requires action on your part and that which does not. I think you will find that most of the things that occur are going to require little or no action on your part to quickly resolve to move past them.

Spend your time there and these problems become the forefront of you thoughts, they demand your focus and the creative process begins, once this occurs you have taken negativity into your conscious awareness, and remember by doing this you have just agreed that you want some more…and trust me… you will get it.

We have talked about holding patterns before and the number one way to get stuck in a bad place is to enter into a state of hyper awareness, and to allow that negative situation to begin to grow more and more of the same.

So how do we move past hyper awareness? In order to do this you have to analyze the situation, you all know I’m a big fan of list making. When faced with a problem try to itemize the situation list item one two and three, or nine or ten depending on the magnitude of the situation, but line by line list what the exact breakdown of the situation is. Once you have written that list go back and cross off everything on the list that requires zero action on your part, what things on the list can you do absolutely nothing about. The list just got a whole lot shorter, in some cases the items left will be things you are already working on , if that’s the case cross them off, and the list gets shorter. Now what’s left, if there is anything left would be things that you can do to change the situation. Now make a new list what action you need to take to resolve what’s left on the list, if you can’t come up with anything, cross it off.

The objective is to create a plan to resolve anything that may have caused you to enter into a state of hyper awareness in order for you to be able to put things in perspective and move past it knowing with confidence there is no need to worry, stress, or spend a lot of time thinking about something negative.

We know that in due time all things will pass, in years what happened today won’t matter. Because it’s human nature to problem solve or to become absorbed in all that is wrong we have a tendency to look at the magnitude of the entire situation, in many cases it may be more than one situation, but by contemplating the whole big ugly thing we become over whelmed, we become hyper aware, and then we start to experience the physical and emotional results of hyper awareness, not one good thing comes from it, just a whole lot more of the same bad stuff.

It’s always easier said than done, at least it sounds that way. Once you learn to recognize when situations occur that are causing you to focus on the bad rather than the good, it’s time for you to act quickly to break down the situation, put things in perspective, and reduce the magnitude of the situation.

The hardest thing for me to learn has been to accept that somethings occur that I can’t do anything about . I knew there was nothing I could do to change it, but I would hold on to it anyway. If there’s nothing that will change it today, there is nothing that will change it tomorrow, accept that and move on.

By accepting and moving on, we are able to let it go, when we let things go, we also move past all of the negative thoughts and feelings that are associated with the situation, then and only then do we regain the ability to re-enter the state of conscious awareness, a state of constantly creating all that is good.

We have talked before about internalization, it’s a big deal because all that could be wrong in our lives ceases to exist lest we internalize it. Everything is external (or an outside influence), it happens outside of our thoughts feelings and emotions. It is not until we begin to think about that which is wrong that we begin to internalize it, it is only by thinking about it that it becomes a powerful detraction in our life capable of derailing our progress.

My second promise…

I promise that nothing that occurs externally can ever hurt you, it is harmless until you choose to internalize it by lending you attention to it, it is only then that you give it the power to harm you physically or emotionally. It is only then that is has the power to change your destiny.
This is pretty much a fundamental principal of life, but I’m going to validate it even though if we really thought about it our common sense would say it’s so.

Think about it, do you feel emotional pain while your sleeping? No, you would only feel it if you were not sleeping because you were thinking about it.

Everything exists in our lives because we choose to internalize it by allowing it to exist. Would we intentionally allow pain to exist in our lives? Of course we would’nt, not intentionally, but because we choose to think about that which is painful we are agreeing to internalize it, we are allowing it to exist and allowing it to cause us stress, worry, anxiety, frustration. But the truth is without thought…all things cease to exist. Meaning they remain harmless, things that you are not thinking about are not causing you pain, or bringing you harm, if you are not internalizing your problems, they are not manifesting. By refusing to think about that which you cannot change it has zero power to create negative emotions,which attract more negativity, or for that matter to manifest one single thing that you do not welcome into your life. It is only that which we “feel” that has the power to create. Remember to choose is to allow…

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