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New School Network Marketing and the Law of Attraction

New School network marketing and the Universal Law of Attraction

Over the past few years there has been an increased amount of publicity on the Universal Law of Attraction especially after the release of the bestselling book “The Secret”.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that it is just as real as The Law of Gravity and your life is affected by it every day no matter if you realize it or not.

If you pay attention to this…

You may actually be able to attract more Prosperity instead of Lack into your life and especially within your network marketing business

FACT #1:
The Universal Law if Attraction is always working (hence otherwise it would not be true to call it a Law); and everyone is affected by it in some way all the time.

According to The Law of Attraction, as a person you will attract into your personal life experience that with which you are in vibrational harmony.

In other words there is a direct correlation or connection between what you are vibrating through both your thoughts and emotions with the actual circumstances and results you are attracting in your life.

This is very important to understand in order to attract Prosperity into your life because everything is created through energetic vibration.In essence this is the major Master Key to enjoying a happy and prosperous life.

THINK your favorite radio station….
For example whenever you feel like listening to your favorite station, you set your tuner to your station’s specific numbers/letters on your radio, which is also tuned in to a specific vibrational match on your radio.

So even though there are many different radio stations all broadcasting simultaneously out there every moment of the day, you are not aware of them and essentially they do not become part of your experience until you actually tune in and change the station.

Here’s the deal…
The same principle applies to attracting Prosperity. Even if you want to become prosperous, if your thoughts are on debt and lack, this is what will keep showing up in your life.
In other words---YOU will attract whatever you focus on, believe in and you are in vibrational harmony with be it positive or negative.
The Universal Law of Attraction doesn’t necessarily respond to what you may want, e.g. Prosperity, Abundance and happiness etc, but only to the energy and vibration you are sending out based upon what you focus on with your thoughts and emotions.

In a nutshell
One of the hardest things for most people to do is keeping a positive mental attitude especially in the mist of so much negativity all around.

However the unfortunate reality is… The very act of focusing your thoughts on what you don’t want such as debt, bad relationships or lack of money, you unwittingly also attract more of the same into your life.

There are two magnetic energy fields all around us and one is positive and the other is negative. You determine which one you will plug into with your thoughts just like you can make the choice of cold or hot water by turning the right water knob.

The first step in using the Law of Attraction to attract more Prosperity is Awareness.
Here is what I call The Prosperity Formula or the Hidden Order of the Prosperous.


This Prosperity formula translates to mean that in essence if YOU want to have more in life, then YOU must do more, and in order to do more, YOU must first Become more.

In other words the Master Key to Prosperity, you must find a way to change the way you are being based upon your thoughts and positive, prosperous way of thinking.
So always think about what you do want and develop the awareness that Prosperity is a choice and abundance is available to all.

Also in the game of life there is both positive and negative magnetic energy all around you, and YOU win or lose simply by the one YOU chose.So why is it that as Network marketers we seem to rely more on The Law of Attraction than the rest of the world? Why are we more receptive to the whole theory? I mean are we REALLY that different? Yes and No.

I’m going to try to sum it up like this. In the general population, the population of stuck in a rut status quo people see the video “ The Secret” and they say oh, ok that was interesting, then they try to apply what they have learned in their own lives, so let’s say they start with their job. The job they hate. Even if they don’t hate it have you ever noticed any speaker talking to the general work force will always note that they should be attracting a NEW job, or a Promotion, this tells me that as far as most people out there the emotion surrounding their employment is one of discontentment they hate their jobs!

Well when I was in Corporate America I loved my job, but I didn’t love the people, being responsible for my store budget was never the issue, but being responsible for every single employee was the issue, the number of employees varied by season, but at any given time there was between 80 and 120 employees in the building, and each and every one of them came to work every single day wearing their life issues on their shirt sleeve.

Mary’s dog died, John’s wife left, Fred’s car broke down, and on and on and on. I was able to teach them that when they walked out that door they left the store in the store, but I could never teach them to leave their life in the parking lot.

For me there was no promotion that would change that, and there was no job that would be any different. Stress, as a result of being surrounded by people with so much negativity, or life injury was in escapable. I declared myself physiologically unemployable.

So when you take these people, those who actually have a job and you introduce them to the Law of Attraction, you are going to give them hope for change, but you cannot eliminate the emotional barriers that stand in their way.

The biggie…a steady paycheck, how would anyone be able to attract a new job by clinging to the SAME PAYCHECK? They can’t because by holding on they are effectively saying “I need this” “I want this” “This is enough” got to have it got to have it ect, and you know what? It’s all true the do need it, they do want it, and it is enough, so they are sending out a message that nothing needs to change, even when seeking a promotion not knowing whether or not it’s coming causes them to cling to the same old paycheck again, a definite road block.

We know now that they don’t have to give up their job, or their paycheck, I mean if it’s paying the bills why would you, how could you? But…they do have to be willing to, they have to be willing to see beyond what is without attachment to what will be in order to manifest any degree of change in their situation, but no one is telling them this.

It’s different for us, not because we are so different, mainly because we don’t have the paycheck, we are not clinging to what is, we are manifesting what will be, we do this because the potential like a carrot is very clearly promoted in our Industry, in every business that carrot, or potential for earnings is straight up front, so we clearly see what we are working towards and what we should be visualizing in our future, and we do this without clinging to what is…our vision is always on the maximum potential.

But…there is also a flaw in this as well, top Industry owners are now capitalizing on the law of attraction to lure people from one place to the other, and that’s fine except for one very important thing, and that is what they are NOT telling you. What they are not telling you is how disruptive this is to your process, they are content with moving you from one place to the other, they really don’t care if you find success or not, you are just going to have to take my word on this, they DO NOT CARE.

By traveling hither and yon, or chasing their Rainbows you will never ever be able to attract prosperity, this is a fact. The reason being is that you are constantly in pursuit, therefore the message you are sending out is one of definite indecision, it’s just as powerful as being completely unaware of your ability to create change in your life, it’s as powerful as if you got up every morning and declared to the Universe “I don’t know what I want” “I don’t know where I’m going” and “I don’t know how I’m going to get there” how is it that anyone who has any degree of knowledge wouldn’t know this? The Universe responds to question marks with…absolutely nothing!

There are a lot of really great opportunities, great opportunities to apply your knowledge and create exactly what you want in life, however, you have to make a decision, plant yourself, and stay there, it is only then that you can truly being to create focus, and send very definitive messages that clearly identify not only what you want you want, but that you know how you’re going to get there, where it’s going to come from. The bottom line is this, every time you make a change you are starting your process all over again.

The most important thing is this, it really doesn’t matter where you go if you are going there chasing the carrot, it does matter how you perceived where you are, how you feel, if you feel good about the potential, the people, or any aspect of where you are, stay there, grow there and manifest there. If you FEEL good about it creating success and prosperity will come easily. Remember you can’t fool the Universe, if there is one hint of gee I wonder if this is going to be like all the rest? Or one question mark, nothing is going to change.

One thing I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt is that I feel good, very good about where I am. Not only that but I can’t even count the reason why I feel good about it because there are so many. I guess one of the biggest reasons is because the majority of people here…feel good about being here…they feel good about where they are…and they feel even better about where they are going, who cares if it’s taking a while to get there, creating in our lives has been happening… it continues to happen …and the most important thing of all is the fact that the Universe delivers on good…and where we are now we are surrounded by good…selfless good intention towards other people is the absolute foundation of Every Month A Million…and that is POWERFUL stuff.

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