Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Much Love Can We Really Stand?

Increasing your capacity for Love…How much love can we stand? You know its funny how we don’t always seek to find more of what’s good for us, what grows us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Along with Gratitude Love is one of the most acceptable matches to the Universal Law of attraction, an emotion most likely to bring you into alignment with the universe or to create a vibrational match. We all know that when aligned with the Universe we are postured to receive, so creating that alignment is imperative to our success, or ability to receive which are one and the same. Yet we don’t always search for ways to increase or amplify our vibration through love, more often than not we choose to do this through Gratitude, when an abundance of Love is available in every moment, no matter how bad things may get, as long as we are present to receive it.

I don’t think that giving and receiving are things that just happen. I believe that these are occurrences that we create, and we do that through our own actions or through application. One way to receive more of that which will create perfect alignment is to choose a quiet place and focus on your natural breathing rhythm. With each inhale, imagine that you are taking in all the Love of the Universe directly into your own heart. With each exhale imagine sending all that Love directly from your own heart right back to its infinite source… Breath in Love…Breath out Love. If you practice this heart meditation for just a few weeks you will find that not only does your capacity for love grow by leaps and bounds but you are creating a more acceptable state of alignment with the Universe, and with that alignment you are creating the ability to receive. Breathing in is receiving, and breathing out is giving, and we all know that in order to receive we have to give. 2010 is underway and this is a year of great change, I think we all sense that enormous change is going to occur, and I believe that there is also an opportunity for personal and spiritual change as well.

The answer to the question how much love can we stand? Are questions we have to ask ourselves…How much change can we stand? How much can we stand to receive? How much success is enough? And that list goes on and on. Practical application of giving and receiving Love, and creating perfect alignment with the Universe is breathing Love in, and breathing it out…giving and receiving that which in itself is one of the most sought after vibrational matches we can achieve.

James Boehm

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