Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Stop Negative Thoughts to Attain Your Goals

Are you struggling to achieve a certain goal in your life? At work, in your own business, in your relationships or health? Have you been working on that particular goal for a long while now without making any significant or tangible progress or improvement?

Only quite recently I made a profound discovery. A discovery that literally made me sit up and think differently every waking moment, a discovery that made me realise why I haven't been able to achieve one of my goals in spite of my working hard and meticulously towards it.

I understood it was present in all the other areas in my life, but not in this area, surely? Not in my financial area!

That discovery did not come about by chance. After struggling for ages, from working hard, to working smart, to being totally focused, to working meticulously for long hours towards my financial goal and not achieving it, I decided to ask myself, over and over again the question, What do I have to do to achieve my financial goal?

I suppose through the process described as the Law of Attraction, I come across the word 'financial blueprint' in a book I was reading, and those two words stuck out like a sore thumb and for some reason I was unable to get them out of my mind.

A short time later, I picked up a book about millionaire minds and it was only then that I uncovered the truth.

For me to achieve my financial goal I needed to first identify my core beliefs about that goal; identify my thoughts and beliefs about money - find out which ones are in line with my goal and which ones aren't.

If my beliefs, or my financial blueprint are in alignment with my goal, my journey will be smooth and have much less resistance. However, if my beliefs are not in alignment with my goal, it is highly unlikely, even impossible for me to achieve it.

Those beliefs that are not in alignment are my limiting beliefs, my sabotaging beliefs. These negative thoughts that had become my beliefs or my financial blueprint will stop me cold. Dead. They will not allow me to achieve my goal no matter what.

Money and our relationship to it can be good or bad depending on our beliefs about money and wealth. What you believe about money will directly correlate to how much money you make, how you make money, and how you treat money.

Your beliefs can keep you in debt, struggling to make ends meet to support yourself and your family if you have one. (I firmly believe that all of us have a family to support, even if it's a family of one.)

Your beliefs about money can determine whether or not you can experience an infinite abundance. Your beliefs can also determine whether you create money through struggle or suffering. Your beliefs can keep you in a dead end job with no way to advance. Or you believe that the only way to make more money is by working harder longer, and have more jobs.

How do you feel about money? Do you relate money with wealth? Remember our thoughts control our lives, and our thoughts about money are just as controlling as our thoughts about our weight, our jobs, or our families.

The relationship with money will determine your financial comfort zone. This comfort zone feeling comes primarily from your subconscious, the part that is the deepest emotional realm. Your past experiences with money also determine your comfort zone. You will need to scrap all those beliefs right now in order for you to create whatever money amount you desire. You will need to give yourself permission to experience financial wealth.

During certain times while on the journey, I might think I am making some headway, but in the long run, I'm not progressing as much as I want to.

It was only after I challenged and eliminated the limiting beliefs, changed my financial blueprint, do I now have them working with me. I am now making great progress in that direction.

So what does this story of mine have anything to do with you?

If you are also struggling, not progressing or progressing at a pace that is not that you want, and are slowly gaining on living the life that you want, or to manifest the goal that you want, you must first identify what is holding you back, single out all your limiting beliefs in that particular area. Challenge them, eliminate them and instil new thoughts that will become your new beliefs.

How to stop negative thoughts?

Here's one way:

Say you want to ask for an increase in your wages, but as soon as you think about it, you become aware of your, "Yeah, but..." or "No way. You won't even knock her door" or "You'll stutter all the way through and she will definitely not give you the raise" or anything like that.

These are your negative thoughts, your limiting beliefs.

Changing limiting beliefs can be done and will change completely over time.
I found laughing off any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts to be very powerful and it works every time with me.

Any time a "Yeah but..." or "I can't do that" springs to mind I immediately laugh it off. I laugh loud and hard, to really send the message through. The message that this belief is rubbish. Spend a few minutes laughing it off.

If it creeps up again, it means the belief is deeper than you realised, so, laugh it off again. Soon enough it will disappear and you can say the positive belief that you want so as to replace that limiting one.

So, identify, tackle and eliminate any limiting beliefs, then replace them with powerful, positive self enhancing beliefs. That's how to stop negative thoughts from creeping up again. Any that come up. Zap. Have a belly laugh and make things happen.

Remember you deserve to be rich, and wealthy. You deserve all the money that you desire. Money was created for everyone's use equally. You don't need to work harder to obtain more money, you need to work smarter.

That also is one of the things we do here at Every Month a Million. We will show you the smarter way to obtain all the money you deserve.

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