Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wealth Mindset and Your Fear to Fail

When you fear failure you set yourself up to being poor. It’s also possible to fear success, you also fear the responsibility that comes along with it.

You will almost certainly sabotage your efforts then say “I told you it could not work”, or blame some external force or others, and if you’re repeating this you’re not creating a wealth mindset.

Your Fear

In an “I am poor” frame of mind, and also you lack confidence, it all gets too hard, so you delay taking action and many giving up altogether. You lose out in terms of timing and opportunity, so it then goes elsewhere finding a more eager participant.

If you have not yet a wealth mindset, then things will take longer, that’s alright, since you can cultivate it with passion, persistent and patience and so when you put effort into it, it is possible to surprise yourself with what you are able achieve.

Fear is what stops people getting the things they want, and achieving whatever it is they desire, when you fear fail­ure, that is what you will have, when you see yourself creating wealth things will change for you.

On Your Way
When you dedicate your efforts to manifesting your desires, you see nothing else and everything changes.

One thing that matters is achiev­ing your goal, which means you assume responsibility, step up and relish in it. Wanting wealth you move quickly so you miss nothing.

You aren’t worried when something does not work, or maybe even fails, because you observe it as a way to reassess, that which you happen to be do­ing, and so you can perfect creating a wealth mindset and get one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal.

You have less emotional attachment, which frees you up to try many things, in spite of any risks there may be.

Now you are creating a wealth mindset, you’re on your way.

James Boehm