Thursday, June 7, 2012

9 Steps to Getting What YOU Want: Creating YOUR Reality

So you now have a goal you want so much you can taste it. You are living day-to-day thinking, breathing, and picturing the goal -- but alas, you have hit a road block. The barrier seems insurmountable. What do you do now?

Here are 9 techniques for facing fears and meeting challenges

1. Research How Others Overcame This Obstacle: This is often a straight forward approach for many people. If you come across an obstacle, see how others overcame it. The odds are, someone has already been in your type of situation and found a way out. Now all you need to do is find out how they overcame the situation and repeat it.

2. List The Blessings In Your Life: Using Gratitude To Overcome Obstacles Gratitude opens the heart and allows a healing to come in. Often simply listing your blessings from the smallest one to the largest one really helps. Include things such as being alive, breathing, being able to use your senses, etc.

3. Try Something Different: If what you have been doing isn't working, try a new approach. Often looking at a problem differently - or approaching it different will solve the issue.

4. Fear Room Technique: This is a synopsis of a technique is from How to Master Change in Your Life : 67 Ways to Handle Life's Toughest Moments by Mary Carroll Moore (page 76).

Imagine a dark, foggy room. You can't see in this room. It is dark, and very difficult to see in. Now imagine a truck with some hoses to suck out the fog and flood lights to brighten up the room. This takes a while, but after a few moments, you can see the room clearly and easily. What do you see? Write down as many details as you can.

What happens to your fears when the veils of illusion are removed and the light is shining on them?

5. Affirmations: There are many techniques on our Affirmations page. Sometimes simply repeating your goal over and over will bring you inside. I have have huge amounts of success using the 15x's a day technique where you write down a goal 15 times each day. Often this type of focusing will show me what I need in order to overcome the obstacle.

6. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: Simply feel the fear, fill yourself with as much love as you can muster, and do what you need to do anyways. Often this will get you through the process of doing something you are scared of that is recommended by your mentors.
7. Contemplation Technique: Do the exercise where you fill your self up with love and allow insights from spirit fill your consciousness with a solution to your problem.

8. Constant Reminder Technique: Find ways to remind yourself of your goals. Find an affirmation, saying, or song that matches your goal. Repeat them daily -- the more often the better. If you can't find a positive saying that supports your goal, make one up. Keep it simple and easy to repeat. Have it be positive. Play with it. Maybe sing it to a favorite tune. Then sing (or say) it again and again.

9. Simplify Everything: Examine your life in regard to your goals. Does everything in your life support your goals? Do you have beliefs, attitudes, habits or patterns that go against your goal? Get rid of the things in your life that do NOT support your goals. This will make your goals stronger and in line with everything you do.

Other methods of support are also available. Try Gemstone Therapy, Essential Oils, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Herbs, and/or Massage. I have used all of these tools to overcome limitations.

James Boehm


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  2. Your #5 and #6 are the same for me. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is my favorite affirmation, ever since I read the Susan Jeffers book. I like #2 and try to do it often. I once had a therapists that when I feel really stressed, I should write down all the things that were bothering me. While satisfying to be justified in my stress by a long list, it never got me past the stress. A gratitude or happy list is much more productive.

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